Up next? Year-End Retreat (Hudson Valley, NY) 

A Year-End Retreat offers the chance to disconnect, reflect, and discover by escaping the every day hustle and chaos of life. These retreats provide time to invest in both intentional reflection of the past year and goal setting for the coming one. All retreats take place in places that scenic locations that make it easy to breath, unwind, and find some "soul space."  Designed with the working professional in mind, our team takes care of every detail (minus transportation) so all you have to do is arrive!

Choosing to "retreat" with other like-minded people can be a powerful experience.  It can be really helpful to hear others reflect and share their stories. It might help spark ideas or clarity, and empower you to create something new as you look ahead for the coming year. Giving up a weekend to join with some complete strangers to intentionally unwind and reflect on the previous year may sound like a risky investment to some. Don't worry, there are no forced meetings, no trust fall activities, or fire side dances.  Each participant chooses what activities they want to participate in, and there is no shame for long, solitary walks in the woods!

Each retreat includes options for guided reflection sessions, goal setting session, one-on-one coaching, yoga, meditation, hiking, and treks to nearby attractions. All offerings are just that - offerings. Participants can choose to dive in or take a pass. This experience is about you and finding what you need in your journey. Tasty meals are served communal fashion and prepared by a private chef or by the group.

Dates: December 8-10, 2017      

Rates: Private Room/Queen Bed ($325/person); Shared Room/King Bed ($315/person); Couch ($275/person)

*Price includes lodging, food, activities, and shuttle to/from local train station

Custom Retreats

Our team can bring customized retreats to the location of your choice. Whether that be a conference room in your office or a beautiful lodge, our team works with you to make it a successful experience for all. Previous clients have hired us for year-end debrief sessions, strategic planning and vision casting weekends, and mid-year team building trips.  All logistics, planning, and activities are taken care of by us. You and your team show up, unwind, and engage!  Seriously, it is that easy.  

It is always amazing what we can learn when thirteen people work their way out to the country via cars and trains for a weekend away to connect and contemplate our work and life.
— Baker+Brown Co