Ben Messner, Founder & CEO of Go Beyond Coaching, received his certification as a StrengthsFinder™ trainer in 2o11. He has worked with hundreds of leaders and their teams throughout the United States and Africa. Ben earned his MSEA in Higher Education Administration and is a proud City University of New York alumnus. He spent nine years in Student Affairs at various public and private universities and three years in health-focused development work throughout southern Africa.

A passionate and inspirational communicator, Ben is often invited to speak at company retreats or training sessions, collegiate leadership retreats, and health-focused forums. He has a gift for creating engaging environments that build community, activate strong team dynamics, and foster dialogue leading to healthy self-exploration. 

An outdoor enthusiast, Ben has spent more than half a year of his life camping and hiking all over the United States.  He believes the outdoors provide a perfect platform for self-discovery and character development.  He considers his customized approach to development his form of art. Though Ben and his wife call New York City home, they often find themselves on the road for their work or with family in Texas and Ohio.