I specialize in maximizing individual and team talent through customized retreats, Strengths-based coaching, and 360° StrengthsFinder™workshops. My goal is to shift the conversation around workplace culture, leadership development, and talent activation.  Clients range from tech entrepreneurs and creatives to leadership programs at universities. With my support, companies can build stronger organizational culture, enhance employee engagement, and improve retention of top talent.  

Services We Provide

  • StrengthsFinder™Workshops

  • Guided Team Debrief Sessions

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

  • Onsite Team Building

  • Strengths 360° Experience

  • Service Learning Trips

  • Custom Leadership Retreats

A few satisfied clients

  • Ander.AI

  • The Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Baker + Brown Co

  • TKM Print Solutions

  • The World Race

  • Help USA

  • Big Bend Community College

  • City University of New York

  • Educational Housing Services

Ben is one of the strongest community builders I’ve ever worked with. His care for each individual is matched only by his strategic thinking in how to create unity and accomplish the vision set before the team.
— Steve Dilla, CIO @ Ander.AI